Installation of oriental saunas
Tepidarium Lakonium Kaldarium Hammam Steam / Turkish Bath




Within a short time the body heats up so much that because of the excessive sweating it is optimally purified from the contamination. Blood circulation is improved, body detoxification is stimulated and body resistance is mobilized. Regular sweating helps to get rid of the stress.

Staying in lakonium stimulates heart rate and regulates blood pressure. After heating renewal is felt, body and soul are relaxed. Stay time in lakonium depends on the personal well being and body detoxification starts within 15-20 minutes.


– Finishing material: stoneware tiles arranged in mosaic, marble,
– Temperature: 55°C,
– Room inside climate: dry.

Healing effect of the Lakonium:

– Body detoxification,
– Helps to get rid of harmful environmental impact and stress,
– Stimulates heart rate and blood circulation

Recommended stay time:
15-20 minutes, then 20-30 minutes for resting, 2-3 times per week.

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