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Light / chromo therapy sauna

Light/ chromo therapy sauna

Light/ chromo therapy sauna

The idea for light / chromo therapy sauna was born while analyzing the main human senses.

– Feeling – it refers to the whole body feeling sauna’s warmth (warmth does not break bones).
– Smell – enjoying aromas.
– Sight – cozy environment enlightened by four colors: yellow refers to the sun (improving mood, increasing the positive attitude towards life), green refers to the nature (calming and inspiring  effect), blue refers to the water and sky, distance and cold (slows down of bodily functions) and red (blood and fire), the colour of activity, vitality and heat refers to fire  and warmth (stimulates circulation).
– Hearing – listening to pleasant sounds. It is recommended to change music when changing colors.

For example, when green light is on, it is best to listen to birds singing, to smell chamomile scent and to feel warming light sauna warmth. It is worth trying.

Our implemented designs can be found here.

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 Light/ chromo therapy saunaLight/ chromo therapy saunaLight/ chromo therapy sauna