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Kelo Sauna

Kelo sauna

Kelo sauna

Kelo sauna is unique as it is manufactured using old (naturally aged) timber logs. It is the rustic type and style sauna. It is most often manufactured and built as a separate house. Even as a big house because the idea of the Kelo sauna is an ancient wooden hut for recreation.

Kelo sauna includes a large up to 40 m² sauna hall with firewood or gas boiler installed. Kelo sauna must contain two rooms: a bath house, where people undress and have a rest and a hot room. It is recommended to cool down after the heat treatment in Kelo sauna in the lake or some larger water pool.
Kelo sauna is the combination of ancient and modern sauna. While bathing and enjoying sauna warmth a man feels big and warm surrounding. The warmth around and the people you communicate with provide you with the feeling of coziness.

Kelo sauna

The bath beds are arranged on two or three levels (more levels are possible), one above, the other below. The higher, the hotter. Kelo sauna is heated by the heater with stones. Air temperature inside the sauna can range from 55°C to 85°C. Air humidity ranges from 45 to 75%. This humidity is achieved by throwing water on the heater.
Venikis used in Kelo sauna. They can be oak, aspen or birch. The best veniks are made from the young birch that grows near some water pond.
In the Kelo sauna people can lay, sit or do something like throwing water on stones to produce steam, beat and massage using, have a rest and ventilate the room by opening a small window.
This kind of sauna increases endurance, coordination of movements, it provides excellent calming effect, improves mood, restores spiritual balance.
The stay time in the Kelo sauna is highly dependent on temperature, humidity and the individual well-being. The optimal time is 15-20 min.

Kelo sauna:
– Construction material: old (naturally aged) timber logs,
– Heating source: wood fire heater,
– Temperature: 55-85°C,
– Room inside climate: humid (humidity 45-75%).

Healing effect of the Kelo sauna:
– Stimulates body detoxification, skin cleansing,
– Activates the blood circulation, stimulates body resistance, and increases endurance.

Recommended sauna time:
15-20 minutes (warming up), 20-30 minutes (for resting), repeat 2-3 times, 1 time per week.

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