Installation of oriental saunas
Tepidarium Lakonium Kaldarium Hammam Steam / Turkish Bath





Tepidarium stimulates and protects health, that is why one can stay in it as along as desired. The room temperature close to the temperature of the human body produces healthy heat which does not aggravates body blood circulation and strengthens the human immune system (resistance to diseases). Tepidarium is used for prevention and treatment and is an ideal place for relaxation and renewal for young and old people.
Room is heated up to the human body temperature. Single beds are also heated (approx. 38°C). In tepidarium the body temperature rises to 37°C in 20 minutes. This way the differences in the body surface temperatures are regulated and the skin does not need to perform the function of heat regulation. At the heat of 36-37°C vascular smooth muscle relaxes. Positive effect on health is made by the aromatic steam produced by the aromatic essences dissolved in water. The steam combined with the climate produced by thermal radiation can be successful in healing bronchitis, asthma, rheumatism, arthritis, migraines, increased sensitivity to weather changes, as well as colds and skin diseases. One can experience a positive sauna effect in tepidarium without aggravated breathing or body stress. The stay time in tepidarium is unlimited.



– Finishing material: varied,
– Temperature: 30-40°C,
– Room inside climate: dry.

Healing effect of the Tepidarium:
– Ideal for the body renewal and the immune system restoration,
– Preventive and healing effect.

Recommended treatment time:
From 30 minutes to unlimited, 2-3 times per week.

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