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Russian sauna

Russian bath

Russian bath

Russian sauna is manufactured from wood. It has two rooms – the bath house, where people undress and have a rest between going to the bath, and the bath itself.
In the Russian sauna people neither lie nor sit, but are actively involved in some activities: pour some water on the stones to produce steam, beat and massage using venik – leafy, fragrant bundle of birch twigs, have a rest and ventilate the room.
The bath beds are arranged on two levels, one above, the other below. The higher, the hotter. Russian bath is heated by the heater with stones. Air temperature inside the sauna can range from 55 to 80°C. Air humidity ranges from 45 to 75%. This humidity is achieved by throwing water on the stones. An essential part of Russian baths is venik. They can be oak, aspen of birch. The best veniks are made from the young birch that grows near some water pond.

This kind of bath increases endurance, coordination of movements, it provides excellent calming effect, improves mood, restores spiritual balance. High temperatures kill different microbes.
The stay time in the Russian bath is highly dependent on temperature and humidity ratio and the individual well-being. The optimal time is 15-20 min.

Russian bath:Russian bath

– Construction material: wood,
– Heating source: wood fire heater,
– Temperature: 55-80°C,
– Room inside climate: humid (humidity 45-75 %).

Healing effect of the Russian bath:
– Stimulates body detoxication, skin cleansing,
– Activates the blood circulation, stimulates body resistance,
and increases endurance.

Recommended bath time:
15-20 minutes (warming up), 20-30 minutes (for resting), 2-3 times,
1 time per week.

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Different forms of bathing (climate at bath).

 Different forms of bathing (climate at bath).