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Salt room

Salt rooms

Salt rooms

 In the salt room human body is affected by the salt saturated air. Several thousand years ago it was observed that the air of salt mines has a positive and even healing impact on a human being. The therapeutic effect is performed not only by salt-coated walls of the room, but also by the dispersed dry salt (sodium chloride) aerosol which is sprayed into the air out of special openings. Small salt particles coat the skin in a thin layer and enter the respiratory tract, this way disinfecting and healing them. We can feel like breathing fresh sea air.

Healing effect of the salt room:
– Good for patients with chronic, allergic respiratory tract diseases and those who wish a speedy recovery. Fine salt particles get into the smallest bronchi providing anti-inflammatory effect; this way the secretions and allergens that caused disease are eliminated sooner, coughing and breathing become easier, the lungs are cleaned.
– Helps to restore and maintain the skin beauty and health. Reduces allergic rashes, skin peeling, treats acne, helps the skin to regenerate and protects it from aging as well as wrinkle formation and helps to treat such skin diseases as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, fat seborrhea and so on.
– Treats the disorders of the nervous system. Salt room has a calming effect on an organism and helps to get rid of sleep problems, loss of appetite and nervousness. Visiting the salt room is useful not only for adults but also for children – it is a safe treatment and preventive measure against colds, respiratory and skin diseases.

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